Thursday, April 24, 2014

Alice no Toge #Jdrama Initial Review: Want "Revenge"?

Hello. This is a Korean in America. This is my initial review of the first 2 episodes of the Japanese drama called “Alice no Toge”.

The Cards of the Game “Go-Stop” (Project: Localizing “Go-Stop” #4)

In the previous posts, I talked about the mechanics of the game of “Go-stop” popular in Korea. Now let’s go to the terrible cards.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New E-Mail address for this blog!

Hello. This is A Korean In America. Until know, I just had my blog's comment section, twitter, and facebook accounts open for communication. But I though that some may not be on those socical media platforms. So, I decided to get a dedicated E-mail account for this blog.

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Game “Go-Stop” in Korean History (Project: Localizing “Go-Stop” #1)

In a previous post, I talked about my ideas regarding the project for localizing some niche Korean entertainment products called “Korean Americana Project”.  The first idea that came to mind to gauge the waters for interest in this was the Korean card game called “Go-Stop”.

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A New Pinterest Account!

Finally Got a Pinterest Account where a post Korean drama photos that I messed with using a few programs.

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Hotel King Korean Drama Review Episodes 1 & 2 by [Hallyu Back]

Funny that She continuously talks about how much plastic surgery the female lead has had!